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How do I report something to you?

At Gumtree, we rely on our community to help us keep everything as it should be.

Reporting an ad

You can report any ad from its page. You’ll find the report button on the right, just below the seller’s contact details. Please report an ad if you think it’s:

  • illegal or fraudulent
  • spam
  • a duplicate
  • in the wrong category
  • against posting rules

Share any information you think is relevant. Our guide to reporting an ad shows you how.

Read through our safety advice and review our posting rules and you’ll be a shining example of how to keep yourself and other users safe on Gumtree.

Reporting technical security issues

If you have discovered a possible weakness in Gumtree’s technical security, please report it to the Gumtree team under the terms of responsible disclosure. Click here to report a technical security issue.

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